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Dive Support
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YEAR OF BUILD:  1977/85
LENGTH:  245 ft. (74.4m)
BEAM:  39 ft. (11.9m)
DRAFT:  16.5 ft (5m)
DISPLACEMENT:  (DWT): 2350 Tonnes
DESIGNER: Military
MAIN ENGINE(S):  Diesel Electric (Marelli-Deutz)
SPEED:  14 knots service speed/13,000 NM Range
DECK GEAR:  Mini-sub, hyperbaric chamber, diver lockout chamber
STATUS:  Active

Dive support vessel

 Former Fleet Diving Support Ship includes manned
submersible diver lockout (SDL) used for seabed surveillance, search,
location & recovery.
 Included with the vessel is 2 million dollars (book
value) worth of spares.


Internav LC 204 Loran C
Magnavox Satelite Omega Navigator
Simard Echo Sounder
Racial Marine Radar
Decca Radar
2 Sealand 66 VHF Radios
Harris RF-270-07 1KW Transceiver
GR 2672 Direction Finder
Launch and Recovery CLOSED Circit Television System
Recompression Chamber

Crew Compliment: 12 Officers + 70 crew (including 20 divers)

3x Detroit 12V149 installed new December 1985, powering diesel-electric
propulsion 3 x 650 KW/450V 3 phase 60hz generators. These power 2 x DC
propulsion motors, on a single shaft, with variable pitch screw.

250 KW KATO emergency generator powered by a Dorman diesel.
Major refit 1985, new engines, new superstructure.

Submersible: SDL-1, max depth 2000 feet, 5 persons, diver lock-out.

Sub Data:
The role of the SDL-1 is to perform missions, with or without the deployment
of divers, such as underwater rescue, underwater salvage, oceanographic
support, underwater research, and inspection of the seabed. The submersible
is propelled by five independently controlled thrusters, mounted in fixed
positions; two vertical, two horizontal, and one lateral. Each is pressure
compensated, and is driven by a 5 hp 120 v DC brushless motor. The control
system includes a microprocessor and allows various pilot modes, from manual
to fully automatic. Power is provided by lead-acid batteries which are
carried in externally mounted pressure compensated battery boxes. High
pressure watertight penetrators are provided for the cabling from these
power sources, and for the externally mounted equipment. All circuits are
protected with magnetic breakers, and system is ungrounded, with no power
leads attached to the hull.
Max operating depth: 2,000 feet
Max lockout depth: 1000 feet
ABS rated lockout depth: 160 feet
5 persons
2000 pounds payload capacity
Minimum endurance 8 hours @ 1 knot
Max speed 1.5 knots
Total weight 29,065 pounds
Dimensions 26' x 12' x 10'

Ancillary Equipment:
Hydraulic power pack
7-function manipulator arm
4 function manipulator arm
Torpedo claw (21" or 11' claws)
2x U/W video cameras and monitors
Electronic gyrocompass
Color scanning sonar
Echo sounder
Underwater telephone
Locator pinger
Xenon flasher beacon
VHF radio
4x 1000 watt external lights
Intercom between spheres

Dive support vessel
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PRICE:  $1,650,000

  To enquire further about this vessel for sale please contact us here

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