Floating Dock no 2
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Year of build 1982
Register class USSR Register of Shipping
Type ; Floating dock, composite (armored concrete pontoon &
steel towers), non self-propelled K*III

Main characteristics:
Lifting capacity/Length max 6 000 t/146.0 m Two diesel-generators of type 6s275/FW446/12
capacity of each is 256 kW
One stand-by diesel-generator AAOA 100/1500-100 kW
Boiler plant –2-KBBA 1,5/5

Stocks-deck length 130.0 m
Stocks-deck towers length 140.0 m
Width of outer concrete boards 30.5 m
Width max on the top-deck level 31.9 m
Width between inner mooring beams 22.0 m
Width max of top deck 5.555 m
Clear width between metal towers on stocks deck 21.3 m
Height of pontoon 4.7 m
Height from Base Line up to safe deck 10.6 m
Height from Base Line up to top deck 14.6 m
Light displacement 10500 t
Displacement with full storage, ballast and ship in dock 18000 t
Maximum depth of sinking of stocks-deck (y=1.0 t/m3) at 50% storage 12.9 m
Stability and seaworthiness ;Original meta-centric height of dock at
minimum stability at critical water line during sinking/surfacing with
ship in dock 3.32 m

The strength of dock is enough to ensure towing of the dock in ocean
Sinking/surfacing/crane operation is ensured at wind velocity
up to 17 m/s
Unsinkeability; If all ballast compartments are flooded the dock without
pumps will remain afloat with depth 1.7 m


F.O. 136 t
D.O.  23t
Boiler water 86 t
Drinking water – 140t
Fresh water – 72t


FM radio station p-400 “Kashtan”
FM radio station «Seiner»
Mooring gear
Both towers have 3 stockless mooring of capstans type III-6 with rated
pull and two centring trolleys 80 kN(8000 kgf)

Cargo gear

On the top deck of both towers there are:
two electr. selfprop. portal
crane KPD5/3.2-15/23-3.4
Crane cargo lifting capacity at
derrick outreach 7-15 m 5 t
derrick outreach 15 m 3.2 t


Fire systems - water - steam - foam - liquid - (chemical)
fire extinguishing
Ballast and drainage system ;Brige water system Low & med.
Press. compressed air systems Air sounding system
Service water supply system Sewage system

Drain holes from stocks deck
Heating system,; service steam pipeline Vapt
& air heating system

Power plant

2* KBBA - 1,5/5
Automation remote control and monitoring of pumps operation
Remote control and monitoring of :
- water level in compartments
- draft of dock at 4 points
- dock bending and twisting
- trim and list of dock
- leveling during sinking/surfacing
- minm. signaling about operation of the entire ballast/flooding system
Price $1,400,00  SOLD

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