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Posted  02.02.2000 SOLD

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The dock is intended for all kinds of repair and constructions of ships with total mass up to 8500 mt. The floating dock provides the docking for ships whos dimensions are limited with the length of pontoon 145,5 m, breadth between inner buffers of the pontoon 16,5 m and the level of water above the keel-blocks 7.2 m.

The floating dock is of composite structure with one reinforced concrete pontoon, two steel sidewalls. The pontoon is made from special kind of reinforced concrete and it ensures corrosion resistance for 50 years.

The dock is designed and built to class KH III Dock as per the Register of Shipping Rules for the construction of seagoing vessels as well as according to the International Convention MARPOL regarding floating docks.


Lifting capacity 8500 mt

Length overall 148.65 m

Length of pontoon deck 145.5 m

Breadth between outer sides of pontoon  32.4 m

Breadth of the pontoon deck 19.9 m

Height of the pontoon 7.5 m

Height from the BP to superstructure deck 22.9 m

Hull height to top deck 19.9 m

Limit water level above pontoon with 100% stores 8.5 m

Minimum pontoon freeboard 0.45 m

Initial metaInitial meta

Angle of heel under dynamical heeling moment due to wind pressure Ph=40kgf/cm2 and draught 7,5 m 1,74B

There is a possibility to widen the breadth between the inner buffers up to 19 m
which is to be appointed while signing contract for dock delivery.

Floodability of the dock including her emergency stability while repairing operations is quarantined in a case of flooding of any one compartment.



Endurance with dock stores of fuel oil 30 days

Endurance with dock stores of lub oil 30 days

Endurance with dock stores of fresh water 30 days

Stores of :                    Luboil 21,6 mt
                         Feed water 250 mt
                          Fresh water 212 mt



The dock’s facilities permit to accommodate 17 crew members in following rooms:

Office and bed-room for captain, office and bed-room for chief engineer, single cabins, double cabins, dining room, galley, WC & shower rooms, archives & office, duty officer room.


The floating dock is composite: the pontoon is made of cold resistant reinforced concrete, sidewalls are made of steel. The pontoon has transverse framing with spacing of 1500 mm and strengthened pontoon deck allowing using the wheeled machinery. The hull, if necessary, could be repaired without taken her out of operation due to the pontoon waterproof compartments.


The dock is equipped with two overhead traveling cranes of 5/3,2 t lifting capacity each, outreach of 15/23 m and hoisting / lowering speed 2,58 m/min.

Six towing winches are provided for leading the ship into the dock. Anchor gear and inventory of the dock includes 10 chain cables of 81 mm diam (6 x 100 m chains at the sides of the dock are led to the opposite side forming a X-type anchoring system, 4 x 100 m chains are secured at the ends of the dock).


The dock is provided with the following systems:

  • Fire-extinguishing systems (fire main, foam, steam, CO2)
  • Sanitary water system
  • Ventilation with under-roof air conditioning
  • Ballast-flooding system
  • Compressed air system (low, medium, high pressure)
  • Docked Ship’s equipment and welding aggregates cooling system


For the electricity supply to the consumers the dock is equipped with one DG of 1500 kW and two DG of 320 kW each. Shore power supply system includes two high-voltage transformers 3-phase AC rated 1600 kW each. One boiler unit of 6,3 t/h steam capacity at 7,5 kgf/ cm2 is provided to serve dock’s own duties as well as the docked ship.


The main type of current for use is 380 V, 3-phase, 50Hz.
For the consumers supply with different power requirements electricity converters are provided.

The docked ship is supplied with:3-phase AC 380 V 50 Hz;
                                                      3-phase AC 230 V 50 Hz;
                                                      190-320 V DC.

Welding system is supplied by the power through two 3-phase 230 V, 50 Hz transformers of 16 kW each.


The dock is supplied with inventory and spare parts according to the Marine Register of Shipping requirements.

Inventory and spare parts are stored in the storerooms furnished with pile racks. Large-size spares are secured directly in the spaces of their intended use. The dock is equipped with the facilities preventing the environmental pollution.

The dock was constructed and is built according to the military project for corrective maintenance of nuclear-powered submersibles in the open sea, Therefore dock has enormous additional opportunities as contrasted to by usual docks of such class. So for example in turrets of dock there are additional accommodation spaces for 150 crew members of a serviced vessel. There are cabins, restaurant, additional repair shops. The dock - is completely autonomous on power supply, fresh water and stocks.




Inspection on request.

Location – Black Sea 

To enquire further about this vessel for sale please contact us here

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