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 Built in 1980, Gorodets, USSR

Dock type: autonomous floating dock, 2 towers, single pontoon.

Material of hull: tower – steel, pontoon - concrete “400”

Lifting capacity: 4500 tons.

 Maximum dock’s length: 118.12 m.

Length at pontoon deck: 102 m.

Maximum dock’s breadth: 29.28 m.

Breadth between outer sides of towers: 29.2 m.

Breadth at pontoon deck: 21.5 m.

Breadth of towers: 3.39 m.

Height of side: 12.8 m.

Height of pontoon: 3.8 m.

Height of pontoon in the area of side: 3.6 m.

Height of the boat skids 1.2 m.

Utmost water depth over skids 6.5 m.


Water displacement and draft:

Dock empty: draft 1.59 m.

Dock empty with 100% margin and with unpumped and aligning ballast:

draft 1.95 m., displacement 5658 t.

Dock with vessel 4500 t., with 100% margin and with unpumped and aligning ballast: draft 3.5 m., displacement 10158 t.

Dock in utmost immersed position with 100% margin: draft 11.5 m., displacement 15865 t. 

Time of immersing without vessel: 90 min.

Time of surfacing with a vessel: 90 min


Initial metacentric height of the dock with a vessel of docking weight of 4500 t. – in surface position 14.1 m., in critical period of immersing or surfacing – 2.59 m.

 Dock equipment:

1.      Diesel generators – 4 pcs:

engine 6?H-18/22 N=225 hp,

generator rCC-114-8M N=150 kwt, V=400V,

2.      Steam boilers:

KBA-1.6/5  – 2pcs, capacity - 1.6 t/hour, steam pressure – 5 kg/m3, heating surface – 31.7 m2,

3. Compressors:

a) low pressure compressor 302-B?-10/8,   2 x 10 l/min, pressure 8 kg/cm2

b) mark 3K-7.5/2,   1 x 13 l/min, pressure 200 kg/cm2   

c) mark BY-3,    1 x 3 l/min, pressure 8 kg/m2 

d) air starting compressor, KB?-M,   3 x 3 l/min, pressure 30-60 kg/cm2 

4. Pumps

a)     Discharge pump, OB2-42MK,    4 x 2050 t/hour,  5.65 kWt

b)     Fire-pump, HUB-160/80,   3 x 160 t/hour, 5.55 kWt

c)     Boiler Feeding, 3TTHM-3/70,   3 x 3 t/hour, 4.5 kWt

d)     Cooling ArP, HUB-40/30,   3 x 40 t/hour, 2.6 kWt

e)     Sanitary, UBC-3/40  3 pcs, 5.5 kWt



MDO and fuel oil tanks 98 t.

Tank of boiler feed water 118 t.

Fresh water tank 64 t.

  Tanks of diesel and compressor oil 1.7 t.

Provision storerooms 2 t. of food

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PRICE:  $1.9 mil. US
$1.4 mil. USD


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