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Posted 03.03.99

Floating Hostel
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Built - 1976, A/S Walmer,Finland. Build number: 309.
Type - Floating Hostel restricted water service with limit of 100 miles from the shore.
Last docking,SS - 1996.

The vessel was constructed according to the
requirements of the Russian sea Register.
Length max - 111 m
Draught at cargo - 2,8 m
Decks quantity - 5
Displacement - DWt 4500 t
Sea endurance - 32 days
Crew - 47 men

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Type of boiler - Hegforce 55-10-19
Quantity of boilers - 2 pcs
Heating surface - 229 sq.m
Steam pressure - 19 kg/sq.cm
Type of turbine - GD/2b
Quantity of turbines - 3 pcs
Turbine capacity - 420 kW
Emergency diesel-generator capacity 75 kW. Quantity - 1 pcs.

6 pcs - single lux cabin - aprx 15 sq.m
24 pcs - single cabin  - aprx 12 sq.m
24 pcs - double cabin  - aprx 12 sq.m
24 pcs - four bed cabin - aprx 15 sq.m
12 pcs - six bed cabin
4 pcs - 24 bed cabin
1 pcs - 28 bed cabin
1 pcs - 20 bed crew's quarters.

On the vessel there are two restaurants for 250 places (both), buffet
(bar) for 40 places, Interior - hairdresser's, Cinema hall for 200
places, Night buffet (club) for 40 places. There is a lump of different
auxiliary and utility premises.

Anchor gear: Capstan
Gauge anchor chain - 32 mm
Length of anchor chain 9*20*2
Type of anchor - HALL
Quantity of anchors - 2 pcs
Anchor weight - 6 t
Cargo gear: Crane 3,2 t
On the vessel there are three turbine-generators - Each in capacity
400 kWt in total capacity 1200 kWt. Type of turbine - GD/2b (made in
Finland). The cooling is made by sea water. Stock of heavy fuel of 755
tons. Emergency diesel-generator capacity 75 kW. Stock of MDO - 15 tonn.
On stocks of fuel and fresh water - autonomy of a vessel 32 days. The
fire system is provided with two fire pumps established in machine
branch, besides one pump is established outside of machine branch,
another is established in a fodder part on second fr. The buttons of the
fire signal system are established in corridors, halls, room of engines
and central post of management. All cabins and public premises (rooms) of
the vessel are equipped with a sprinkler system .
The boiler and machine branches are equipped with system
foam-formation. In the watch station is the main board of
the fire signal system.

All sanitary facilities of the vessel - in good conditions. The majority
of passenger cabins have no sanitary facilities. The toilets and souls
are in corridors of all decks. The heating systems are (naturally) in
all premises of the vessel (vessel is built for usage in northern areas).
The passenger complex of a vessel - requires some repair, because the
vessel is outside of operation for the last four years.

Price  - USD 1.5 million as/is.


To enquire further about this vessel for sale please contact us here

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