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A new Floating Repair Shop (FRS) of the Project PM889A fully made up and ready for use is ready to be sold and towed to the region of its work on demand of the Customer.

The Floating Repair Shop (FRS) PM889A is in fact a mini- ship- repairing yard, capable of performing any ship-repairing works except the docking of ships. One of the main advantages of the FRS is its mobility and extremely low prime cost of  repair work. FRS is equipped and fully made up with all the necessary industrial equipment and tools (all new equipment and tools are preserved and ready for use) including dinner-services for crew and boxes with spare parts. The FRS was produced and preserved in 1989 in Burgas (Bulgaria) by order of the former Military Fleet of the USSR. The hull of the FRS is made of the reinforced concrete and its superstructure is made of  ships steel.

Main Technical Characteristics of the Reinforced Concrete FRS

Overall length - 67.5 m, calculated length of the hull - 62.0 m, overall
width over non-removable parts - 13.4 m, height of a
board - 3.7 m, average draught with cargo - 1.95 m,
capacity of electric power-station - 2x160 kWt = 320 kWt,
carrying capacity of a stern’s crane - 30.0 t,
carrying capacity of the telfers - 3.2 t and 1.0 t,
the docking weight - 1272 t.
The FRS’s autonomous capacity - fuel capacity - 7 days,
drinking water capacity - 5 days.
FRS’s staff is 4 persons permanently living in 2 passenger cabins.
Total number of working places on board of FRS is 96.

Composition of the FRS PM889A

The FRS consists of the following working sectors and workshops fully
supplied with industrial equipment and tools:

1.  Store of materials, castings and spare parts.
2.  A sector of accumulators’ charging.
3.  Electrical repairing sector.
4.  Copper-covering sector.
5.  Tin-plate sector.
6. Blacksmith’s sector.
7.  Painting sector.
8. Joiner -carpenter’s sector.
9. Universal chemical laboratory.
10. Tool shop.
11.  Sector of refrigerating equipment’s repairing.
12.  Radio-repairing sector.
13.  Fitter-mechanical sector.
14.   Sector for adjusting and repair of the fuel-supplying equipment.
15. Administrative premises’ block (works management, 2 living cabins,
medical block, galley, 100 seated dining-room, toilets,
showers, cloak room, sauna, saloon).

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Materials, casts, & SPTA warehouse/storeroom
Shelves for materials 20 pcs

Battery charging station
Charging thermistor recliner 80/60 Ah 2 pcs
Aside electrolyte tray 1
Alkaline electrolyte tray 1
Work table + jaws 1
Shelves for batteries 1
Wardrobe 1

Electric repair station
Work table 4+1
Jaws 5
Shelves for instruments 3
Drying chamber 1
Fishing tub volume 1,0 cub. M. 1
Winding machine AM-605 1
Shelves for materials 2
Electric lip ere switchboard 1
Deck-top drilling machine type PN-161 1
Three-phase transformer 380/220v 1
Rectifier 1
Rectifier 1
Rectifier 1
Switchboard for tests 1
Light switchboard 1
Power supply switchboard 1

Pipe work station
Tub for cold flushing 1
Tub for chemical processing 1
Tub for hot flushing 1
Oven for pipe banding works 1
Plate for pipe banding works 1
Work table + jaws 1
Cast oven 1
Cast oven control switchboard 1

Bend work station
Plate for bandit works 1
Work table + jaws 1
Hand operated bending machine 1
Shelves for instruments/tools 1
Stable table grinding machine  1
Table for hand-operated bending machine 1
Bending accessory square bar length L=1.5 m  1

Smith work station
Smith work oven 1
Smith pot dublehorn  2
Strengthening tub 1
Work table + jaws 2+2

Paint work station
Shelves 3
Drying hand 1

Woodwork station
Wood maker table 4
Glue making table 1
Grinding machine dia 400 mm N=1,0 kW 1
Plan-gr Machine tool N=2,5 kW 1
Line-saw machine toll N=1,5 kW 1
Saw - sharpening machine tool 1
Wood processing machine 1
Round-wood machine-saw 1
Wood-grinding machine 1
Glue maker 1
Power supply switchboard 1
Hard-grade election fan 1
Converter 1

Shelves for devices & chemicals 1
Work table 1
Work table for cube 1
Shelves for materials 1
Toughness tester (Rock well) 1
Toughness tester (Brinel) 1
Table for toughness tester (Brinel)  1
Suction trunk 1
Table for toughness tester (Rock well) 1
Table for weight counter 1
Lab. Table 1
Cube 1

Fuel Devices Adjusting & tests station
Tub for details washing/flushing 1
Stand for high pressure nozzles & pumps tests 1
Work table 3
Stand for nozzles assembling 1
Stand for fuel pumps adjusting & tests 1
Pressure gauges testing press 1
Oil sample tank volume V=0,1 m 1
Desk-top drilling machine 1
Stand for fact pumps disassembling & assembling 1
Jaws 1
Two-door shelves 1

Outfitting station
Work table with protection net 6
Iron plates for assembling 1000x2000 mm 1
Desk-top drilling machine 1
Shelves for materials 6
Stationary double grinding machine 1
Work table 1
Jaws 20
Foundation bed for assembling works 1
Universal drilling machine 1
Marine watch

Cooling machine repair station
Jaws 2
Vacuum pump 1
Work table 1
Shelves for materials 3
Jaws 1
Tub for tightness tests 1
Shelves 2
Coolers tests box 1

Radio equipment repair station
Work table 2
Shelves for materials 1
Boxes 1
Tables 2
Marine automatic telephone station 1
Shelves 1
Jaws 2
Transmitter - receiver PRIBOR-P 1
Indicator USP LOGOSTA¦ 1
Power converter PRIBOR-V 1
Maine device USP LOGOSTA¦ 1
Indicator USP LOGOSTA¦ 1

Mechanical station
Universal machine 2
Universal machine 1
Universal machine 3
Universal  milling machine 2
Universal round grinding machine 1
Transverse-planing machine 1
Vertical drilling machine 2
Universal  sharpening machine 1
Marking - otic plate 1
Work table 1
Shelves for materials 6
Stationary double sharper 1
Malty - place sharpening machine 2 disks 1
Work table with protection net 3
Jaws 8
Tools box 32
Boiling device 1
Hydraulic back-sawing machine 1
Vertical boring machine 1
Dust catcher 1
Receiver 1
Marking plate foundation 7
Marine watch 2
Office table 2
Welding table 1
Radial-drilling machine 1
Assembling plate 1
Work table with protection net 1
Pipe-bending machine 1
Pipes hydraulic  test bench 1
Armature hydraulic test bench 1
Plate - banding machine 1
Combined plate - shearing machine 1
Shea ting machine 1
Jaws for pipe-work 1
Mineral water slot-machine 1
Batteries box 2

     Superstructure fr.3-11: administrative and habitual rooms -
Portside: chief-captain-s office, public office, double cabin:
Starboard: captain-s cabin, double cabin,  medical cabin. Tools
storerooms, galley, buffet, galley-s wash room , mess room for 100
person, WC, shower-rooms, sauna ,wardrobe rooms.
     The FRS is equipped with: - 2 main Diesel generators 2x160 kWt, one
Diesel generator 25 kWt used at the stops, 2 automated boilers KOAB 200
and one KBA-1.0/5 (USSR), compressor 5 cubic m/ min., three
anchor-mooring capstans of a type 111??1-?? and three Hall-s anchors of
500 kg, with chain-s gauge of 50 mm., the stern-s crane with carrying
capacity of 30 t and jib-s length of 5 m, electrical telfers with
carrying capacity of 1 t, electrical tales, elevators (in dining room
and galley), elevator with carrying capacity of 400 kg (in accumulators-
sector). The FRS is also equipped with necessary navigation and radio

PRICE  US$ 450,000

To seriously enquire about this vessel, please e-mail us here

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