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Length (off cushion) 10.6m (35 feet)
Beam (off cushion) 4.1m (13.5 feet)
Height (off cushion) 2.15m (7.1 feet)

Craft weight 3,300 kg (7,700 lbs)
Max Weight 5,500 kg (12,100) lbs

Hovercraft for sale

Australian built 1994 Ranger model, 21 passenger fibreglass craft , simple to operate, powered by a 300 hp turbo charged Cummins diesel engine. 

Canadian Coast Guard certified to carry 20 passengers for both summer and winter use. It can travel over land, sea, ice and snow at speeds up to 120 kph on a cushion of air approximately 30 inches above the surface . The craft can travel over water comfortably at speeds up to 80 kph.

The ride is smooth and exciting. The enclosed cabin is fitted with heaters and is air-conditioned , the vessel can be operated in temperatures up to +30 degrees and down to 30 degrees Celsius. 
The engine is equipped with a 110 volt water circulating system to insure engine start up on cold days.

 The hovercraft easily does 360 degree spins, slides, and 180 degree turns quickly, making the ride unforgettable for the passenger.

Max speed (ice) 60 knots
Max speed (water) 45 knots

Weather Limitations
Max wave 1.5 m at pitch of 20m+
Wind speed 25-30 knots

Hovercraft interior

Stainless steel tanks, 2 x 100 litres
Skirt is tapered full bag and segment type.
 Fingers are attached to bag and are easily removed for repair or replacement.

Control is provided by rudders fitted to the propeller duct. 
Elevators provide pitch and roll attitude control.

The hovercraft seating is similar to a comfortable motor coach and is easily removed for cargo handling. The craft is attractive on the inside with removable carpet flooring, fabric on walls and ceiling. The craft is quiet. The deluxe intercom and stereo system provide commentary and music. 
The hovercraft has air conditioning for summer use and heaters for winter use.

There is an 18 passenger Viking life raft mounted in a rectangular box externally on the starboard side. A 9 passenger Viking life raft is mounted outside in a rectangular box on port side. The life rafts do not interfere with passengers views. 
22 adult Canadian Coast Guard certified life jackets and 8 children approved jackets. A life ring equipped with flashing light and 30 meters of line is located in side compartments on each side of the hovercraft. An assortment of flares is located in the cabin in a watertight holder. Spare accessories such as flashlights, fuses, toolbox and tools, spotlight, operating manuals and other incidentals are located in the craft .

There is an engine room CO2 fire suppression system along with an ABC cabin fire suppression system, both systems approved by Transport Canada.

Navigation & Communication Equipment

The hovercraft is equipped with: Ratheon GPS model RN300,
Ratheon Radar, Model Pathfinder, SL70
Ratheon VHF, DSC, Model 53, ]
Kenwood cassette receiver with P/A system KRC170

Spare Parts

The hovercraft has one set of propellers, propeller leading edge protective tape, spare fingers, skirt fabric, adhesive for skirt repair, engine filters, hydraulic filters, one set of side windows, an assortment of stainless steel bolts, screws and nuts, spare floor carpeting, seat upholstery and touch up paint.

Hovercraft in action   halifax5     halifax8
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Price firm at $250,000 US
Spare parts and training $10,000 US


To seriously enquire further please contact us here

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