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Posted  02 Sept 2002 SOLD

Motor fishing trawler - lobster long liner
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Construction: Steel
Launched: 1978
Ship yard: karlstadverken, Sweden
Length overall: 60.5 m
Moulded breadth: 9.50 m
Net tonnage: 320
Gross tonnage: 1065
Propulsion engine: 1566 Kw
Crew including master: 36

Converted trwler to longliner

The vessel's construction is of steel, welded, three decks, six watertight bulkheads, double bottom and side tanks, machinery space aft, superstructure midships, raked bow and transom stern. The vessel has two holds with two hatches. 

The vessel was initially constructed as a stern trawler and then converted to catch long-line lobster. The stern of the vessel was closed in and the wheelhouse and accommodation were altered.

Total capacities
Freshwater capacity: 52 cubic metres
Diesel fuel oil: 254 cubic metres
Lubrication oil: 4 cubic metres
Hold capacity: 1105 cubic metres

Equipment on deck
Hydraulic windlass with derrick 
One cargo derrick
One cargo winch
One rescue boat, Zodiac with 15 Hp outboard motor
One 1 tonne electric crane
One hydraulic line hauler
One conveyor to upper deck
Two hydraulic line coilers

Factory deck
Two hydraulic pumps, Vickers, type 5V251C22R
One hydraulic crusher
Two freezing tunnels with two belts
One blast freezer 

Bridge equipment
One PC computer with monitor
One CPU sharing device
One uninterrupted power supply
One printer
One hold temperature recorder
One inmarsat c
One telex Trane and Trane
One computer monitor
One intercom system
One printer, HP DeskJet 500
One SSB, Skanti, type TRP 8258
One SSB radio receiver, Skanti type R2000
One satellite navigator, Furuno, type FSN 70
One direction finder, Simrad NB, type TDA 1312
One Sailor, type RT 143
One VHF, Sailor type RT143
One VHF, Sailor type RT 144
One watch keeper receiver, Sailor, type RT 2048
One colour radar, Furuno FCR 72 mile
Two radars, Furuno, 48 mile
One GPS, Furuno navigator, type GP 500
One navigator, Decca type 1047 MK 539
One VHF, Sailor type 1047 RT
One VHF, Sailor type 1048 RT
One Decca navigator, CVP 3500
One converter AD 10
One data recorder, Furuno
One gyro compass, Sperry
One auto pilot, Robertson 
One log
One rudder indicator, Robertson
One intercom system, Ampladan, 10 channel
One VHF/OFM monitor
Catch control sensors, Scanmar 4004
One echo sounder, Simrad, type EQ
One echo sounder, Skipper type CS 108 colour
One selector unit, Simrad 
One Simrad MC
One magnetic compass
Controls for engine room 
Several switch boards
One Halon fire system
One Chubb fire alarm system

One 4 plate electric stove
One deep fryer
One hot water boiler
One food mixer

Mess room
One intercom
One electric clock
Three TV's with video machines

Engine room
One main engine, Wichmann 7AX developing 2100 HP at 360 rpm 
One variable pitch propeller
One PTO for hydraulic pumps
One auxiliary engine, Mercedes, model MTU 404, 380 HP, driving a Stamford alternator
One auxiliary engine Mercedes, model MTU 424, 420 hp, driving a Stamford alternator
One air compressor, Ingersol Rand, type 7T2
One air compressor, Botarini, type 260
One air compressor, Espoline, type H2
One fuel oil separator, Alva Laval
One lubrication oil separator, Alva Laval
One fresh water generator, Alva Laval, type JWR/16/C40
Two hydraulic pumps for deck equipment
Two standby hydraulic pumps
One hydraulic pump for VP propeller 
One standby lubrication oil pump
One fire pump
One bilge pump
One fuel oil transfer pump
One cooling pump for hydraulic oil system
One lubrication oil transfer pump
Main switch board
One well equipped workshop

Refrigeration Compressor Room
One screw compressor, Howden
One screw compressor, Bitzer 
Two liquid receivers
Two liquid freon pumps
One domestic refrigeration installation
Two freon condensers
Three seawater condenser pumps
One bilge pump

Steering flat
One steering gear unit, Tenfjord
One emergency steering system
One emergency fire pump

lobster vessel

$900,000 US



To enquire further about this vessel for sale please contact us here

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