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Posted 06.03.99 SOLD

440 Passenger Day Cruise Boat
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An opportunity to purchase a small day boat. 
The particulars below are taken from the survey.

Total length 33.85 m.
Length water line 31.00 m.
Beam  09.30 m.
Draught from the basic line 02.05 m.

No. of cabins 4

Crew 6

No. of passengers 440


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No. of main engines 2

NTA 855 m-turbo Cummins marine diesel engines (USA) 400 HP at 2100 RPM connected with Inox shaft through reverse gear with valve connection.
Horsepower 500 HP. Maximum speed 12 kts

Electric generators

1 type BGKB model E2050 – M1337 (USA) by Allis Chambers. Volts 190-220-380 and 440 AC at 75 KWA run by diesel engine 120 HP at 1500 RPM

2 type TGKI-220-290 V AC run by diesel engine 90 HP 1500 RPM

3 emergency LISTER NR 7165-ST-328-03 20KWA 220V-380V AC Air cooled manual starter diesel engine 60 HP 1500 RPM


The vessel has all necessary hotel equipment for servicing 440 passengers on the three decks.


    There are fixed, comfortable seats (anatomic type) and tables for the use of the passengers

    Lounge / Dining room: Food and drinks can be provided in the lounge or at settees around the dance floor, being able to serve more than 100 passengers, it is air conditioned and equipped with the latest stereo and photorythmic equipment in a suitable decor.

    The stereo booster for the SOUNDTECH AND YAMAHA is 6000 W.

    It has a fully equipped bar (Fridges; ice cube machine; microwave; coffee blender; cash register etc.) necessary for fast service.


    Accessible via two external staircases (shaded) the deck has non-slip carpeting (slow burning) and has a disco and a self-contained Bar with all necessary equipment, plus three (3) gents and three (3) ladies WCs.

    The bridge is roomy and fully equipped with all instruments etc. , and located nearby are two (2) cabins.

    At the stern located on special frames are sixteen (16) life-rafts (each for 25 persons) plus two (2) rafts.

    Left and middle of this deck is the vessel’s tender launching mechanism.


    Accessible via an external staircase with safety handrails, there is fixed seating and two (2) stereo systems and a public address system (controlled from the main bridge) which can transmit throughout the vessel.

    Life jackets for all passengers are situated in the mast.


Accessible from the main lounge entrance, it has ventilation in all areas and has four (4) passengers toilets/ante-room and also one (1) crew toilet.

It also contains two (2) 3 bed cabins for the crew, and four (4) chambers for keeping hot food and containing dishwasher; kitchen store etc.


Both main engines, at cruising speed of 12 kts burn 160 Lts/hr


Consists of three (3) decks: main; sun and upper deck with sufficient chairs and tables for 440 passengers. Five (5) WCs for men and five (5) for women. Two (2) modern DISCO-BAR-SNACK. Two (2) STEREO SYSTEMS with photorythmic installation.

As well as a dance floor inside the main disco on the main deck, an open space on the sun deck can also serve as a dance floor.

The vessel, in general, belongs to the modern luxury category of Tourist Cruisers. She can, officially and practically, carry 440 passengers (Lic.No. 772/7.6.96-YEN/E.E.P)


The Bridge has a modern system and all the necessary equipment for safe and easy sailing day and night, according to International Regulations


Hull and hyperconstruction made by welded steel plates, Lloyds approved.

All surfaces are in excellent condition.

Inspection by diver confirmed underwater to also be in very good condition: shafts; propellers; zincs and plates without damage. Anti-fouling surface clean.


Look generally bright, new and without leakage, in good working condition. The hydraulic system, pipes and tubes are also in good condition.


Two (2) hydraulic motors, one for each system. Gear and equipment are solidly made, ensuring their long and dependable operation. The machinery and equipment of the power plant have a stock of spare parts and fittings.

The power plant is operated without a permanent watch in the engine room.

The ship is ready for operations – including fuel; lubricants and Navigational charts/aids etc.

Propellers/shafts: Bronze, 4-blade each (The friction/substance in good condition)

Anchor pullers: Anchor pullers: In good condition

Wheelhouse: Wheelhouse: In excellent condition

Safety EquipmentSafety Equipment: 17 life rafts, each for 25 persons


In the engine room there is installed an Automatic Fire Extinguishing CO2 system and also mobile fire extinguishers. In the passengers and crew accommodation FIRE STATIONS and mobile fire extinguishers are fitted.


The necessary demands by the Hellenic Register of Shipping


The vessel is registered at the INSPECTORS OF HELLENIC MERCHANT SHIPS ADMINISTRATION (Ministry of Merchant Navy) all her certificates are valid.

After careful inspection of the ship’s construction drawings and plans, we are able to certify that the ship can be, as well, registered to other countries Merchant Navy Authorities, or other Internationally recognised ships administrations.


The ship launched April 1994 and completed her inside works, May 1994. The cruiser actually worked only two months during the summer. Therefore, the operation time of the ship is very little and can be considered as nearly brand new.

All navigation equipment (Radar; GPS, LORAN, Echosounder, VHF, SSB, Intercommunication, Autoalarm, etc) are in excellent working condition.

The very spacious engine room, is well ventilated and enables the engineers to work and remain in the control position (main panel) with comfort.

During the trial surveyors trip, we noticed no problem with Engine Room; Bridge or Accommodation.

There is no vibration at all, at Sundeck and Upper Deck and also the good isolation in the engine room and deck cover, are limiting the engine noise to the aft part of main deck.

The manoeuvres of the ship were fast and safe as the automation and the modern steering system and communications control system Bridge-Engine, enables the operation.

In general, the ship is modern in structure, design and line.

She can accommodate, servicing with safety and comfort her 440 passengers, in her spacious BARS, DISCO, HYGIENIC ACCOMMODATION, AIR-CONDITIONED RESTAURANT on her three open or sheltered decks.

In the present condition, the vessel is ready to sail and start cruises. Furthermore, the two main engines and three motor generators, together with the new type safety Navigation equipment, is classifying the vessel in the category of safe Luxury Motor Cruiser and can be operated by  interested buyers without problem.


The value of the ship is estimated to be US$ 3 million

Today’s market value is about US$ 2.4 million

Due to the vessel’s special structure and size (34 length; 9.30 breadth; capacity 440 pax; legally operated and cruising with only 6 man crew) there is no similar vessel on the market to compare with.

However, according to the information that we have, the purchasing price is negotiated between 1.7 and 1.8 US$ which represents 75% of the market price. We believe that the price is very satisfactory and beneficial for the buyers.

If it is considered necessary to add to this ship,  the width of 09.30 m. structurally may accept lengthening of the vessel by 6.15 m. In this case the number of passengers can be increased from 440 to 540, and the speed from 12 to 14 knots.

The cost of the above conversion if this becomes necessary in future, will be low in comparison with the benefits.

The vessel is equipped with the MARPOL system; instruments for pollution control; security and protection of the environment.

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To enquire further about this vessel for sale please contact us here

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