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Loa 27.8m
 Beam 6.9m
2.10m depth
Board dimensions : Height 3.15 m

 Tonnage- 190 GRT
 Carriage capacity-60 t
 DWT- 70 T
   Dimensions of cargo room holes -2.4 x 2.1m

 Transport-refrigerator vessel's characteristics
 Type-Transport-refrigerator vessel (All data is compiled on  January 1, 1998)
 Built year- 1989 (Russia),
 Class: KM L41

 Main Engine:
German made, 232 KWT, NVD26-2A in Magdeburg 
6cylinders, 300 horsepower; 19000 hours).
 Currently under Russian registration.
 Extra engines - 2 engines, 25KW, each one has 4 cylinder with 40 HP;
1500 turnings/min. 
 No.1-Engine operated 16000 hours,
 No.2-2000 hours (Repaired in 1996),
 Bunkers: 2 tanks, Fuel: 14 tons,
 Fuel consumption: with cargo - 0.8 tons/ day/night;
 Without cargo 0.30 - 0.60 tons/ day/night
 System of firing: water and liquid;

 Crane - 1 ton, can be powered to 2 tons
 Body steel vessel (thickness 8-10 mm)
 Alarm light: 4 accumulation batteries;
 Freezing camera: operated 4000 hours;
 Temperature in cargo rooms: +15 c, -2C, -8C, and -18C;
 Water pumps: No.1-40 m3/hour, No.2 - 25 m3/hour;
 Pressure: 1.8 kg/square cm
 Hold capacity: 100 m3
 Cabines-5 accommodations rooms, 1 steering room, 1 company room,
 Cargo rooms- 2 with 100m3 capacity each;
 Speed: 10.2 knots
 Productivity: 68000 kcal/hour
 Navigation: Auto pilot installed. All necessary navigation and
electronics  built in accordance with the Register regulations.
 Seaworthiness and stability: 100 miles from the cost permitted due
to  Russian shipping regulations. Shipping register certificates valid
till 2003
 Dry-docking 1998 
 Processing plant: Built and designed to co-operate with small
fishing  vessels to pick up the ready caught fish for storing in a cold and
 sometimes these type of vessels are used (being moderated) for
processing  the fish and making the preserves. It can be used for transportation
of  dry-cargoes, as well fruits and meat and its products, another type
of food  products, frozen and salted fish, shrimps and other type of seafood.
In  order to transport the shrimps, ship team can change Freon-12 to
Freon-22  along with the set of thermo regulator air-fuses, which are installed at the end of cargo room, so that way temperature can be decreased to -25 Celsius.
 This vessel has been used only 10 times as freezer, the rest of time as transport-vessel of  wooden and saw-materials to Eastern -Europe. Registered and carries Latvian  flag. 
Class-Register Shipping  license is valid until 17 august, 2003

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