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Ships for sale - Posted 11.04.2005

Oil field Supply, Survey and Rescue Vessel. - SOLD
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Length B.P 175'0"
Breadth Mld - 37'0"
Depth to main deck (Mld) - 15'6"
 Depth to raised deck (Mld) - 19'6"
Flag - St Vincent & Grenadines
Port of Registry - Kingston

Built by Hall, Russel & Co. Aberdeen

Built in 1965 as an oil field supply, survey and rescue vessel, Sea King has worked continuously servicing the North Sea oil fields until 1998 when she was acquired by a company to fulfill contracts in Africa.

Former Name's : Putford Blazer - 95, Dawn Blazer - 94, Suffolk Blazer - 87, Aberdeen Blazer - 76, Lady Alison - 74

She was continually modified throughout her oil rig contracts and was fitted with the following:

  • Stern roller for anchor handling.

  • 12 ton hydraulically controlled A-frame to rear of work deck to enable use of ship for anchor handling and to launch R.O.V. and survey gear.

  • Hospital accommodation to make ship 300 person rescue vessel.

In 1998 the vessel was dry docked and a complete hull and machinery refit was undertaken, to complete satisfaction of the registration authority.

The vessel was acquired in 1999 by Vesuvius Shipping Ltd and further alterations were undertaken such as the clearance of the cargo hold of obstruction and the resiting of machinery to give a large hold space for use as a cable tank for the communications industry or general cargo (approx 500tons).

It should be noted that the vessel has large capacity service tanks for fuel and fresh water. She has accommodation for 20 single berths and 300 survivor capacity. Full work shop facilities with lathe, pillar drill, welders and cutting equipment are situated adjacent to the engine room.


Two Lister Blackstone ESSL3M P65 E252 Spec. 5210-2,
Power - 597kW (800hp) each. Max 900rpm


Two Blackstone 2M3 oil operated reverse reduction.  Ratio 3:1,   Output coupling 300rpm.
Driving fixed pitch, four blade bronze propellers, diameter 75", pitch 64'.


No.1 - Dorman 4LDT 1500rpm. Driving a Stamford C40A 415V/87.5kVA. AC Generator.

No.2 - Ford 2722E 58kW (80hp) at 1500rpm. Driving a Ringrose FD/ECL 415V/37.5kVA AC Generator.

No.3 - Daimler Benz OM364 158kW 1500rpm. Driving a Stamford C40A 415V/100kVA AC Generator.

No.4 - Scania DSI11M01SF. Driving a Dipl-ing.Hitzinger & Co. 415V/240kVA AC Generator.

No.5 - Volvo Penta TMD102A  175kW 1800rpm. Driving a Hugh J. Scott 220V/80kVA DC Generator.

No.6 - Volvo Penta TMD102A 158kW 1500rpm. Driving a Puma 220V/96kW DC Generator.

Emergency Generators : Lister SL2MA 8.5hp 1800rpm. Driving a Lister 220V/4kW DC Generator.


No 2

No 3

No 4

No 5

No 5

Emergency Generator


Schottel SRP 100 - Reversible three blade bronze propeller giving approximately 1.5tons of thrust through right angle gearbox from a 160hp x 1450/725rpm variable speed Hugh J. Scott 150kW electric motor.


                           Rpm        Loaded        Ballast

Full ahead          700            10.0                10.5
Half ahead         550             5.0                  6.0
Slow ahead         410             2.5                  3.0
Dead slow          400             1.5                   2.0
Full astern          660
Half astern         550
Slow astern         410
Dead slow           400

Full ahead to full astern 35 seconds
Astern power 70% ahead
Minimum rpm 400 on 1 engine 1 knot


The HullArtWindlass

Dry Dock 2001 - Click to enlarge

Fuel Oil Consumption

1 Engine 24hrs at 430rpm approximately 0.8 tonnes
2 Engines 24hrs at 620rpm approximately 2.2 tonnes


Fuel - 190 tonnes
Lube oil - 330 gallons
Fresh water - 165 tonnes
Ballast - 300 tonnes
Cargo hold - 150 M3
Range - 3500 nautical miles

survey vessel - support - rescue - oil - wheelhouse top
Wheelhouse top

Bridge Deck
Click to enlarge

Boat deck of the Sea King

Boat Deck
Click to enlarge

Main Deck
Click to enlarge

Accommodation Deck
Click to enlarge

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Ships Profile
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To enquire further about this vessel for sale please contact us here

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